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The City of Angels
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Los Angeles
Welcome to the LJ community of the City of Los Angeles (Sure, and a few surrounding cities too, we like our neighbors). More will be added as time goes by, but please feel free to post basically anything related to LA and its environs. Questions, comments, gripes, news, current events, weather, it's all fair game so long as it has to do with the Southland.

A few basic ground rules:

1) Be polite. Keep the flames to cooking. Keep comments enabled. Basic internet etiquette.
2) No large images, images not-safe-for-work, or videos, without using an LJ cut. Small, work-safe images are fine, and large images of any variety are OK with warning under a cut. No advertisements may be larger than 300 pixels by 200 pixels. If necessary, make a thumbnail; this can be done with MS Paint on a PC or with ToyViewer on a Mac.

If your ad contains a lot of text, please the details behind a cut, noone likes to scroll through pages of a single ad. When in doubt, too long means (to me at least) more than a screen full, or about 4-5 inches of total length, images AND text.

Default icon courtesy miggy and her impressive collection of City icons. Check her icon collection to find icons from basically any city warranting an icon .

If you have some general questions please check out los_angeles_faq Here you will find answers about sights to visit, places to live, and anything else people wish to add.

If you are looking for stuff to do at night, check out la_after_dark