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Mario Canali@ DAC Gallery

The two largest Italian organizations in the United States, the National Italian American Foundation, NIAF and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles will share the honor of welcoming Italian artist Mario Canali in his first exhibition in the United States at an opening reception and art show at the Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery in Los Angeles on February 11.

Considered a visionary in contemporary Italian art as well as a forerunner in digital art and virtual reality, this rare glimpse into the work of this icon of the Italian art scene will feature over a dozen of Canali’s oils, pastels and drawings along with two of his most popular interactive installations, Ritmi (rhythms) and Korazone.

To accompany the show, Canali has published a hand made, limited edition and signed art book which includes all of the show works as well as nearly 50 others, all printed on recycled paper. Only 100 of these limited edition books will be printed and signed by the artist for this show. All proceeds from the sale of Canali’s art book ($30.00) will go to the Exceptional Children’s Foundation. The Downtown Art Center Gallery is a non-profit gallery supported by the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF).

The DAC Gallery opening reception will be held during the Downtown Art Walk on Thursday, February 11, 2010 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. The Canali exhibit will run February 11 - March 4, 2010 at the Downtown Art Center Gallery at 828 S.Main Street in Los Angeles. For more information on the show or Canali’s work, go to www.dacgallery.com or www.studiocanali.com.

This morning I found a dog wandering the street where I live. No tags, no collar. I was able to take him to my vet and he is chipped and they've contacted the people the chip is registered to through Avid. However, my dog is slightly dog aggressive, and I unfortunately cannot have both dogs in my house while we attempt to contact the owners. He is neutered, and seems to be in good health, minus a few dental issues. No idea on what shots he may or may not have.

The dog is very sweet, loves being around people, just not so good with other dogs as witnessed at the vet's office. Definitely a pit mix. Can anyone in the Los Angeles area take him until we locate his owners? I am in Woodland Hills but able to travel. Please help.

Doggy pics hereCollapse )


I cain't see sh*t

I am in desperate need of an eye exam. My glasses are like, 6 years old and aging has taken its toll. Anyone have a suggestion/recommendation of a decently priced eye exam in the area of Hollyweird or any point west? Bonus Points if they're open on Saturdays....

Muchas Grassiass.



One Sentence Can Change California History


Our proposition is simple - one sentence, 14 words: All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote.

Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge!

Dodgeball invades the westside! Sign up as a free agent or as a team. Co-ed social sports. Sponsor bar is Busby's West! :)

They've got leagues all over the city--every week, we meet up to throw balls at each other and then head over to a bar to get our drink on!

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Furniture sale this Sunday the 6th

Hey guys. I'm selling a bunch of furniture for my sister and am having people come by the house this Sunday the 6th from 7am-4pm.

There's a mix of stuff (couch, bookshelves, vanity, etc.) - here's a link to the craigslist ad with the address, prices and pictures: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/gms/1492444564.html

Let me know if you have any questions!!

cab rates

This might sound like a dumb question, but I was just wondering if there are any websites that tell you the approximate cost for a cab ride from one end of town to another?
I'm going from Glendale (right by the americana) to the Saddle ranch (for a birthday party) in West Hollywood. There's going to be about five people, so we figure we should play it safe rather than drive.

If there's no website that does those types of calculations, do any of you have any estimations of the rate or any suggestions of a cab company?

Thank you so much!

Nov. 18th, 2009

Black Market At Black Maria: Skip The Mall


Opening Reception: Saturday, 21st of November, 7:00 - 10:30pm

"Black Market" is quintessential Black Maria, showing the work of emerging artists and established artists side by side. It is a great opportunity to see work by artists with international collectors as well as by artists who will be showing their work outside of an academic environment for the first time.

Adam Alaniz, Lydiaemily Archibald, Jan Beran, Julian Callos, Lucy Campbell, Grace Chee, Catia Chien, Katherine Chiu, Bryan Collins, Nanami Cowdroy, Steven Daily, Nicole Dreyfuss, Alexis Dubois, Lauren Gardiner, Jane Gotts, Kio Griffith, Tom Haubrick, Aaron Hitchcock, Michael Hsiung, Tyler Jeffers, Aaron Kraten, Benjamin Long, Danni Shinya Luo, Jon Measures, Minchi, Paul Nagel, Dany Paragouteva, Miss Withers, Taylor Marie Prendergast, Noah Ptolemy, Shark Toof, Suso, and many more...

Black Maria Gallery


Resources -

Free Spay / Neuter Clinic on November 22, 2009
For Feral and Undomesticated Cats in Los Angeles Area

Reservations required

* All feral cats over 4 months welcome.*

All cats will be:
* Sterilized * Vaccinated * Treated for Fleas * De-wormed * Ear-tipped *



Microchips available to caregivers/trappers at cost - $11

Make reservations early as spaces fill up rapidly.

For reservations, please email Carol Prendergast at archstdnt@hotmail.com. Include the following: First and last name, phone numbers (for last minute changes) and number of spots needed. You will be given all pertinent information as to clinic location, drop-off and pick-up at the time of your confirmation.

We need your help

If you would like to help, but don't have ferals who need to be trapped and fixed, please consider helping other trapper/caregivers to trap on Saturday, November 21, 2009.

Volunteers are also needed to help at the clinic on Sunday, November 22, 2009.

Please contact us if you are able to help in any way

If you can volunteer

Please email Gabriela at SCAvolunteers@gmail.com
Put the following in the subject line: CLINIC VOLUNTEER

For general information, please email info@straycatalliance.org or call 310-281-6973.

Oct. 6th, 2009

i've been meaning to get a tattoo of a music note (an eighth note, specifically) behind my ear for awhile, and i'd like to just go ahead and do it soon. i'm looking for some recommendations of somewhere to go, preferably near downtown, hollywood, or a beach city (but other parts of town will be considered), and have some questions regarding anyone that's recommended, mainly:

a) will they require an appointment or accept walk-ins (i would probably go on a sunday afternoon, although friday & saturday afternoons are candidates too)? i would expect an appointment for something larger, but for something as small and somewhat generic, i'd like to be able to walk-in (but it's okay if i can't).

b) about how much should i expect to pay? (not so much because price is a huge issue - quality is more of one - but just so i know what to expect) i can't imagine it being much bigger than an inch or so, and i just want it in simple black.

c) since it's kind of a generic item, do you expect at whatever shop you recommend that i would be able to walk in without a picture and not be unprepared?